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ASSIGNMENT Early Christian Music, Part 2 Sounding the Divine, Program 2 “Early Jewish History, from the Temple to Jesus and the Synagogue” 1. Shofar, or ram’s horn. According to the narrator, what sort of role did music play in Jewish culture? Give several examples of the way that music was used. [Instruments mentioned include the shofar, or ram’s horn, the psaltery, tabouret, and harp or kinon] To rouse armies to battle, or summon people to prayer. 2. What examples does the narrator give of the use of music in the New Testament? What happened in the first example? What example does he give from the life of Jesus? Why is music especially important at that point? When paul and silas were imprisoned. When Jesus was singing just before his moment of greatest crisis. 3. When Jesus read from the scriptures in the synagogues, did he sing, or simply
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Unformatted text preview: speak? Discuss this question, and why we can or cannot be sure of the answer. Because the prayers are chanted in a melody but the way they were named means reading or speaking. They don’t know exactly what it sounded like so it is unsure if he sang or not. 4. What, according to the program, is the likely relationship between ancient temple singing and chanting on one hand, and Gregorian or Plain Chant on the other? What two versions of Psalm 114 does the narrator compare? What do you make of the comparison? That ancient temple chanting is derived from Gregorian chant and may be the same thing. Latin Gregorian chant and Cantor Hebrew. They sound very similar to say that they were developed independently of each other over the years....
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