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GREEKS ASSIGNMENTS 1. Using your preferred research tool [list it or them at the top of the assignment page], investigate the DORIAN, LYDIAN, PHRYGIAN, and IONIAN modes. Briefly explain just what “modes” are. How would you describe the feeling each of these modes create? (use your imagination: think like Plato) Why did Plato approve of some, and disapprove of others? A fixed order of various diatonic notes within an octave. “Some of them make men sad and grave, like the Mixolydian; others enfeeble the mind, like the Ionian another, again, produces a moderate or settled temper, which appears to be the peculiar effect of the Dorian; and the Phrygian inspires enthusiasm.” Because some modes had negative effects on people. 2. What is the root of the words “music” and “museum”? What does this tell us about Ancient Greeks, and about music and museums? Muse, it tells us that museums and music are representations of various feelings or events and are meant not just for entertainment but to inspire. 3.
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