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7 HEBREWS outline A nomadic people, one of the many ethnic groups in Mesopotamia; migrated between Ur of the Chaldees (somewhere in Sumer?) and Egypt. From Abram to Joseph Abram (Abraham) and Sarai (Sarah) Isaac (and Rebecca) and Ishmael Esau and Jacob/Israel, 12 sons of Israel (including Joseph) VIDEO: Genesis Project, Jacob/Leah/Rachel, and Laban Joseph in Egypt Sold by his brothers Slave of Potifer Potifer’s wife Prison and Prophecy – the dreams of the Baker and the Brewer Joseph and Pharaoh Famine averted Hebrews go “down into Egypt” for 400 years Moses and Exodus “Go Down, Moses,” Paul Robeson YOUTUBE MOSES IN EGYPT -- LINK VIDEO Jacob/Leah/Rachel and Laban Ancient Echoes, Wedding music track 1 Promised Land – Caananites, Philistines, Phoenicians: ALBHABET Profoundly subversive? Egyptian use? Hebrew use? Monarchy David Instruments PICS: kinnor, shoffar, trumpets, siege of Lagash The Psalms
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Unformatted text preview: MUSIQUE DE LA BIBLE REVELEE Temple of Solomon PICS and DIAGRAMS YOUTUBE 288 singers and instrumentalists, 120 trumpets, 24 cantors teaching 4000 music students, potential choristers LEVITES Assyrians: Conquest Quote from Sennacherib “Byron poem” Babylonians: Exile Nebuchanezzar’s orchestra Belshazzar’s feast King Cyrus’s providential order VIDEO “Balshazzar’s feast” from The Play of Daniel YOUTUBE Verdi, “Va, pensiero” [2] New Conquerors: Hellenistic Greeks, Maccabees, Romans HEROD’S TEMPLE Functionality of music Note “Sounding the Divine,” part 1 [note especially Hebrew and Gregorian versions of Psalm 114] Cantor’s job, temple and synagogue music CD: ANCIENT ECHOES 7 shofar 8 priestly blessing 13 trumpets, cymbals, Psalm 114 CD: MUSIQUE DE LA BIBLE REVELEE (Haik-Ventura) YOUTUBE (2) Herod’s Temple, Building Herod’s Temple...
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