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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 12: GREEKS PLATO on Music: Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul Plato, Greek philosopher, 428-348 b.c. Plato felt that playing music in a particular mode would incline one towards specific behavior associated with that mode, and suggested that soldiers should listen to music in Dorian or Phrygian modes to help make them stronger, but avoid music in Lydian, Mixed Lydian or Ionian modes, for fear of being softened. Plato believed that a change in the musical modes of the state would cause a wide-scale social revolution. REFER STUDENTS TO YOUTUBE DORIAN, LYDIAN AND IONIAN MODES [#1, # 2 READ YOUR TEXT, CHAPTER 4 AND 5 [GREECE: HUMANISM AND THE SPECULATIVE LEAP AND THE CLASSICAL STYLE] WE WILL WATCH PART OF THE PLAY, ANTIGONE, IN CLASS. CRETE and the MYCENEAN GREEKS Ancient civilization, the center of the MINOAN civilization, as was the city-state of Troy Ancient Music on Crete The Cradle of Zeus Curites and Chronus [Chronos devours his children] Theseus and the Labyrinth dance Legend of Theseus, son of the king of Athens, and Ariadne, daughter of the king of Crete YOUTUBE Greeks # 3 YOUTUBE Greeks # 4 Cretan music (2): Michalis Tzouganakis [THIS IS THE KIND OF MUSIC PLATO WAS WARNING GREEKS AGAINST!] Bull Dancing See mural fresco in the Palace of Knossos [Fiero, p 73] Cult figure, with snakes YOUTUBE Greeks # 4 The palace at Knossos HOMER [?] and the Trojan War YOUTUBE Greeks # 6 Dark Ages Oral Tradition and the Bards How and why were the epics sung? Role in Greek culture What makes one a Greek Language Religion The 12 gods of Olympus Nature of the gods: immortality defines them; mortality defines us Character: unpredictable, part of creation, not above it Youtube Greeks # 14 : steam powered machine for opening and closing temple doors Illiad The Anger of Achilles Hector Cassandra Destruction of Troy History or Myth? Odyssey Ulysses (Odysseus) and his voyages Where he went, and why? Penelope and the Suitors Telemachus FILM CLIP Monteverdi, The Return of Ulysses The role of the Greeks in the Renaissance Invention of Opera as an art form Christianized, as a comment on Good and Bad rulers Enormous authority CLASSICAL GREEKS Conflict as the basis of the social order Sea-going states, mountain states Inventing democracy [rule by the demos, or mob] Classical Greek religion and art Apollo Apollonian music Dorian mode: cool, dignified, elevated character Inventor of the lyre or kithera Twin of Diana God of reason, poetry, music [the only one of the gods who didnt have a name change when the Romans adopted them] Dionysus Dionysian music Phrygian mode: frenzied, passionate, uncontrolled...
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MOODLE_10_GREEKS_outline - Chapter 12: GREEKS PLATO on...

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