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Moodle Sounding the Divine 3 ASSIGNMENTS Music and Islam 1. In this program, the narrator is considering the effects that the single human voice has on people who hear it. He uses the Muslim, or Islamic, traditions to discuss this. At the very start, he gives the example of the Call to Prayer. What is the muzzein saying? (Not the literal words, but rather the meaning behind them: what is the message?) 2. The Koran opens with a chapter on three very mysterious letters. Where did these
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Unformatted text preview: letters come from? What do they mean? Discuss. 3. What is the debate about “music” in Islam? Discuss. 4. In Islam, music can have a medical, or healing, quality. Discuss how music is used in traditional Turkish hospitals to treat mental illness. Draw on what you know about other musical traditions (you might consider David and Saul, or the African 5 Principals, or the use of Gregorian chant) to discuss whether or not such treatment might work, and if it does work, how?...
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