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River of Gold Exhibit The University Art Museum is hosting an exhibit of gold artifacts from Central America, dating from the Pre-Columbian period. In many ways, these objects, and the burials in which they were found, remind us of the art and burial customs of cultures we will look at during the course – especially Egypt, Ur in Mesopotamia, China, and the Greeks of Homer’s time. If you wish, you may do an extra credit assignment (10 points) on this exhibit. On Friday I will go to the museum and arrange for a sign-in sheet. Admission is free for
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Unformatted text preview: students. After you have signed in, explore the exhibit, and write a one or two page discussion of what you see, comparing it with the ancient cultures we will be looking at later in the course. I suggest that you (1) make notes on the exhibit; and (2) check in Fiero for burial customs in Egypt, Ur, Homeric Greece and China. If you wish, you can wait until after we have discussed these cultures in class before writing your papers. Extra Credit papers should be placed in your ASSIGNMENT Notebook or folder. The exhibit will close on April 19....
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