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1 Tuesday, April 1, 2008 THE GERMANIC KINGDOMS IN THE WEST- 3RD HEIR -Visigoths - in Spain- fell in 711 -Franks- led by Charlemagne -Clovis - the Frankish King- 486-511, converted from Paganism to Orthodox Christianity -Ministerial Kingship - Clergy act as ministers for King; do not work for him -Mayor of the Palace (major domo) - governs palace and access to the king -Charles Martel - mayor of the palace under the Merovingians; dies in 741 -Pippin - Charles Martel's son -Charlemagne - leader of the Kingdom of the Franks; son of Pippin -Pope Leo III - crowns Charlemagne emperor Kingdom of the Franks -Clovis- converted to Christianity; hired Roman churchmen to help him run the government (bishops, abbots, priests); Franks gradually become Romanized -Mayor of the Palace - governs access to the king; hires everyone in Frankish administration; it is an inherited title; a dynasty -Clovis's descendants are the Merovingians -Charles's dynasty are the Carolingians ; mayors of the palace, overthrow the Merovingians and become kings. Get rid of the title “mayor of the palace” -Pippin - inherits position of Mayor of the Palace -Lombards - 754- attack the Italian peninsula; threaten bishop of Rome, Pope Stephen -Pope Stephen - sends letters to Pippin asking him for help; Pippin protects Stephen, pushes Lombards out with army -Pippin creates Papal states, gives land to Pope Stephen, this is called Donation of Pippin -Pope Stephen returns favor by crowning Pippin the King of the Franks -The Pope is in charge of crowning people -In 768, Pippin dies, and his son Charles AKA Charlemagne, “Charles the Great”, becomes the king; he conquers and expands the Frankish Kingdom into an empire; he also extends Christianity -In 800 CE, Pope Leo III crowns Charlemagne as Emperor; gives him the title Augustus -Charlemagne establishes cultural uniformity -Monasteries - run by abbots ; in charge of enforcing the Benedictine rule -3 vows of monks : 1) Poverty - no private ownership 2) Chastity - no sex 3) Obedience - obedient to word of god, to the abbot in monastery -Charlemagne dies in 814 CE; he had one son named Louis the Pious ; 814-840, prays a lot -Vikings - attack Europe during Louis' reign- mid 9 th century; moved in long ships, very mobile ships, very fast at ransacking a city -Louis - ran and hid; offered Vikings money; gives them 7000 pounds of silver, every year; Louis dies in 840 CE, with 3 sons- splits empire among all 3 of them and they start to fight
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2 eachother -Gives it all to son Lothar, this starts a fight between sons -Louis's 3 Sons: 1) Lothar : gets Italy, called Lotharagia 2) Charles : gets Western, called West Francia 3) Louis : gets Eastern, called East Francia History- Thursday, April 3, 2008 Trouble and Recovery in Europe -Louis the Pious - Charlemagne's son -East Francia - run by Louis -West Francia - run by Charles -Vikings/Northmen - Danes, all same; very disorganized politically -Dangeld - 7000 pounds of silvery every year given to the vikings -Edict of Pitres - 864 by Charles -Rollo - leads viking raid in 900 CE
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History exam 3 studyguide - 1 Tuesday, April 1, 2008 THE...

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