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F102 Barnett Nom:__________________________________ Projet Louisiane (20pts) Introduction au Mardi Gras cadien Unless told otherwise, respond to all questions in ENGLISH . 1. Pre-view question Answer the following question before watching the videos or reading the text. What do you know about Cajun Mardi Gras? What events take place? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ To introduce you to Cajun Mardi watch the following video clip that allows you to see many of the aspects of the rural Mardi Gras found in southwest Louisiana. 2. Throughout the video clip, you will hear the music to the Cajun Mardi Gras song. Towards the end of the video, you can hear someone singing the words in French. There are several versions of this song but what are some of the words (at least five) that you can recognize from the version presented on the YouTube video. Words in French: English equivalencies: a. ______________________________ ______________________________
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b. ______________________________ ______________________________ c. ______________________________ ______________________________ d. ______________________________ ______________________________ e. ______________________________ ______________________________ In the following video clip you will see les Mardi Gras trying to catch a chicken. You will hear a woman say throw the chicken again as it was caught immediately. This man lets the chicken go and the chase is once again started. This release also shows the importance of entertainment during the Courir de Mardi Gras . Reading Strategy: Remember as you are reading in French, you should not try to understand every word. You should be reading for the main idea as this task will take you hours if you look up every unknown word. Use your background knowledge on the topic to predict, pay attention to cognates (i.e. words that are similar in French & English, and make sure you look over the questions before starting to
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Mardi_Gras_Cadien - F102 Barnett Projet Louisiane (20pts)...

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