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Lab: Level Testing Objective: The objective of this lab is to determine the C-Factor, the collimation error, and to explore the randomness of a level Overview: Determining the C-Factor will help eliminate the systematic errors associated with the level when the distance between the foresight and backsight is unbalanced. This factor will be applied to each measurement in order to obtain the truest value possible. Equipment: The following is the equipment needed to perform this lab: an automatic level, tripod, level rod, turn points. 1. Perform a Peg Test on the level: Follow the procedure outlined in lecture. Select two points (pegs) about 300 ft apart. Set up half way between, read both rods, calculate the True Difference in Elevation (TDE). Set up near A, read near rod A and far rod B. Apply TDE to near rod A reading (errorless) to compute "perfect" far rod reading. Subtract perfect far rod from actual far rod. Express C as slope of the line of sight ft/ft ratio. The sign = + if below the perfect,
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