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Multiple Choice: Answer on the computer answer sheet Problems: Answer in the Space Provided on This Exam Page 1 of 16 Print Last Name: ± Print First Name: ± ID Number: ± COURSE FINANCE NUMBER COMM 308/2 SECTIONS: ( ± Circle your section) EXAMINATION Final Exam VERSION BLUE DATE December 8, 2008 TIME 3 hours # OF PAGES 20 including cover/crib INSTRUCTOR: ( ± Underline your instructor’s name) A. Ahmad R. Jassim M. Wahhab J. Riley S. Ullah DIVISION John Molson School of Business Concordia University SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS - You are writing Version BLUE of the test. Please ensure that you have a BLUE computer answer sheet. Your exam consists of two types of questions: Multiple Choice Questions and Problems. - Multiple Choice Questions: - All your answers must be recorded IN PENCIL on the BLUE computer answer sheet by darkening the appropriate letter corresponding to your choice. - Problems: - All your answers must be recorded on the exam sheets. Show your calculations. Part marks will be awarded. Write clearly and only in the space provided. - Cell phones must be turned off, programmable calculators and PDAs are not allowed during the final exam. - This exam contains 16 pages including cover. Formula sheets (3) are separate. Please ensure that there are no pages missing. - Fill in your name and other required information IN PENCIL on the Computer Answer sheet as well as on this cover sheet. - There is no negative marking on the multiple choice questions. Mark only one answer on the computer answer sheet. Blank questions or those with multiple answers will not receive credit. - Small differences may exist due to rounding. To minimize this problem, try to round only at the end of multiple-step calculations. - A minimum of 40% on this exam is required to pass this course. - Allocate your time efficiently. SCORES (FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY) Multiple Choice Questions Long Answer Questions Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 (Max: 70 Points) (Max: 4 Points) (Max: 10 Points) (Max: 10 Points) (Max: 6 Points) Total
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Multiple Choice: Answer on the computer answer sheet Page 2 of 16 Part I: Multiple Choice Questions (25 Questions, 70 Points Total): - This part consists of 10 concept questions and 15 calculation problems. - Each concept question counts 2.5 points for a total of 25 points and each calculation problem counts 3 points for a total of 45 points. - Only answers on the computer answer sheet will be graded. - Use a pencil to mark your answers. - Select only one answer per question, blank or multiple answers will not receive credit. - You are encouraged to also circle your answer on the exam sheet as a back up. A. Concept Questions (10 Questions, 2.5 Points Each) 1. Which of the following are true when a firm is operating at its target capital structure point? I. The WACC is at its minimum point.
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Final_Exam_Comm_308_Fall_2008_Solutions - Multiple Choice:...

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