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Excel-Statistic - Econ220 ECM Tutorials Jan 24-28 2011 Note...

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Econ220 ECM Tutorials Jan 24-28, 2011 Note: ECM tutorials will only focus on statistical application in Excel and assume students have some basic knowledge of Excel, such as inserting a column/row, filling down/right, etc. If you haven’t used Excel before, I suggest you go through the following two websites: http://www.vertex42.com/Excel2007/excel-basics-part1.htm http://www.humboldt.edu/~training/msoffice/introduction_to_excel_2007.doc Excel 2007 is installed in computer labs and will be used in the ECM test, although you may use Excel 2010 at home. These two versions are slightly different so I strongly suggest students practicing the 2007 version in labs before attending the ECM test. Tutorial Reviews: There are two objectives in this week’s tutorial: 1. Plot different charts, including bar chart, pie chart, line chart, and scatter plot. You should be familiar with some menus. For example, go to “Insert”, then “Chart”. Get familiar with different options like “Column”, “Pie”, “Line”, and “XY Scatter”. Also
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