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ECO220 Excel Course Module Final Test Test Date: April 4-7, 2010 Test Session: Students are required to register a test session in Portal. To confirm your session, please go to our course page in UofT Portal, click “Tools”, then “UT Group Memberships”. Test Duration: 50 mins Test Locations: Carr Hall Multimedia lab, 3rd floor of Carr Hall, St. Michael's College, corner of Queen's Park East and St. Joseph Street. UC Multimedia Lab, 2nd floor of University College, UC 261 - King's College Circle. Test Coverage: All knowledge discussed in ECM tutorials, including: 1. Plot charts, including Bar chart, pie chart, line chart, and scatter plot 2. Plot histogram and summary statistics 3. Use scatter plot and trendline to analyze a linear relationship between two variables 4. Calculate normal/t accumulative distribution; given a probability, calculate the critical value of a normally/t distributed random variable 5. Calculate the point estimator and the confidence interval estimator of a population
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Unformatted text preview: mean, given a known/unknown population standard deviation. 6. Hypothesis testing for population mean. Calculate confidence intervals. 7. Hypothesis testing for the difference between two population means. Calculate confidence intervals. 8. Run a multi-variable linear regression and explain results. 9. Open/create a macro in Excel. Know how to write a simple macro with “if…end if” condition and “for…next” loop. Test Preparation: Go through tutorial answer keys, which have been posted in Portal. Questions in the final test will be similar to those tutorial exercises. Microsoft Excel2007 will be used in the final test. If you work on other Excel versions at home, please make sure that you are familiar with Excel2007. Other Requirements : No textbook, calculator, cell phone, or other forms of help is allowed. No formula sheet will be provided. Students are allowed to use the Help menu in Excel....
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