Answers Math - 3.a. y=sqrt(x)+2 x y 2 Y=2 1 3 Y=1+2=3 2...

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NAME: Student Answer form Unit 3; show all work for full credit; trial and error (guess and check) methods are not appropriate; use methods covered in class. 1. a. -5=3 -5+5=3+5 =8 b. X=9 c. Common denominator = 4(x+1) 3x+3=4x+4-12x+8 3x=4x+4-12x+8-3 3x=4x-12x+9 3x=-8x+9 3x+8x=9 11x=9 x=9/11 d. x+2= 0= 0=(x-2)(x+1) X=2 X=-1
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2. C(x) = a. Using this model, determine the cost if 60% of the citizens participate? C(60) = C(60) = 90/40 C(60)= 2.25 million dollars b. Using this model, find the percentage of participation that can be expected if $5 million is spent on this recycling project? Set up an equation and solve algebraically. Round to the nearest whole percent. 5= 5(100-x) = 1.5x 500 - 5x = 1.5x 500 = 1.5x + 5x 500 = 6.5x x = 500/6.5 x=77% participation when $5 million is spent
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Unformatted text preview: 3.a. y=sqrt(x)+2 x y 2 Y=2 1 3 Y=1+2=3 2 3.414 Y=1.414+2=3.4 14 3 3.732 Y=1.732+2=3.7 32 4 4 Y=2+2=4 b. Explain why no negative values are chosen as values to substitute in for x Square root of a negative is not a Real Number. c. 4. A water tank is h feet high. Water is flowing from this water tank with a velocity V feet per second. The model representing the relationship between the velocity and height is given by V=8 a. Find the height of a water tank that provides a water flow of 80 feet per second. 80=8 80/8= =10 h= h=100 feet b. Find the velocity of the water flow when the height is 150 feet. Round your answer to two decimal places. V=8 V = 8*12.247 V = 97.77 feet/sec...
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Answers Math - 3.a. y=sqrt(x)+2 x y 2 Y=2 1 3 Y=1+2=3 2...

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