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Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering EML 3005 MECHANICAL DESIGN: Survey Please complete this survey and drop it off in my mailbox in MAE-B. Do NOT write your name on the survey.Your input will be very valuable to me for improving this design class for Spring 2006. 1) What is your opinion of the textbook for this class? 2) This course had several group design projects. For proper group participation, should: a) attendance be made compulsory or b) assign certain points for attendance toward final grade 3) Compared to other Engineering classes, on a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate the value of the material taught in this class? 4) Is there anything the instructor does that prevents rather than enable you to learn in
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Unformatted text preview: this class? 5) What do you NOT like about this class that should be changed? 6) What do you LIKE about this class that should not be changed? 7) What kind of homework problems would be more beneficial: a) A large number of relatively short problems that test concepts (similar to those in the text book) b) A few (4 to 5) mechanical system analysis and design problems, that are completed over the course of the semester. 8) Do you like a) A few detailed group projects or (b) Several smaller individual assignments. 9) What suggestions or comments do you have for improving this class?...
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