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EML 3005: Mechanical Design Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department University of Florida Five-Speed Manual Transmission Gear Box Design Project and Gear Kinematics Spring 2005 Nagaraj K. Arakere This project involves designing a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox. A manual transmission gearbox is a complex system involving many aspects of mechanical design. This project involves designing of the helical gears alone, based on fatigue life, and bending and contact stress requirements. Each group will select a car of their choice from a car magazine (Road & Track and Car & Driver, for example), or from the website of the car manufacturer. You are required to write a detailed design report and make a presentation detailing your gearbox design. The design report must present, at a minimum, the following information: Car selection, details such as weight, external dimensions, tire size, etc. Engine details (HP and torque ratings, Torque-Speed curve) Drag coefficient, Car frontal area calculations, estimated top speed. Equations used for calculating wind drag and rolling resistance, to calculate HP required at various speeds. Gear ratios selected for the 5-speed transmission, axle ratio selected. Duty cycle selected for the gearbox design. Explain why you selected the speed and mileage
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GBOX_PROJECT_HW4 - EML 3005 Mechanical Design Mechanical...

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