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Unformatted text preview: Fast Poisson Disk Sampling in Arbitrary Dimensions Robert Bridson * University of British Columbia Abstract In many applications in graphics, particularly rendering, generating samples from a blue noise distribution is important. However, exist- ing efficient techniques do not easily generalize beyond two dimen- sions. Here I demonstrate a simple modification to dart throwing which permits generation of Poisson disk samples in O ( N ) time, easily implemented in arbitrary dimension. CR Categories: I.3.0 [Computer Graphics]: General Keywords: sampling, blue noise, Poisson disk 1 Introduction Blue noise sample patternsfor example produced by Poisson disk distributions, where all samples are at least distance r apart for some user-supplied density parameter r are generally considered ideal for many applications in rendering (see Cooks landmark pa- per for example [1986]). Unfortunately the na ve rejection-based approach for generating Poisson disk samples, dart throwing, is im- practically inefficient. Many papers have overcome this inefficiency in two dimensions; I focus on one approach in particular, due to Dunbar and Humphreys [2006]. Their algorithm maintains a scalloped sector data struc-[2006]....
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