2008s_3 - Physics 2101, Fourth Exam, Spring 2008 Name...

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Physics 2101, Fourth Exam, Spring 2008 Name (print legibly): _____________________________________________ Signature: ______________________________________________________ Section (circle one) 1 (Rupnik, MWF 8:40 AM) 4 (Rupnik, MWF 2:40 PM) 2 (Giammanc0, MWF 10:40 AM) 5 (Rupnik, TuTh 9:10 AM) 3 (Gonzalez, MWF 12:40 PM) 6 (Sheehy, TuTh 12:10 PM) Please be sure to print and sign your name above, and circle your section. Also write your seat number. Please turn OFF all cell phones, pagers, iPods, MP3s, etc. The formula sheet is provided as a separate item. No other reference material is allowed during the exam. For the questions , no work need be shown, and there is no partial credit. For the problems , please write as much as you can explaining to us your reasoning. Lonely correct answers will not receive full credit, and lonely wrong answers will receive no credit at all. You may use scientific or graphing calculators, but you must derive answers and explain your work. Carry units throughout your calculations. Lack of units will result in loss of points. GOOD LUCK! Seat Number:
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F P1 P3 P2 Question 1 (12 points) The figure shows a hydraulic system consisting of a tank of ideal, incompressible liquid, and three pistons: P1, P2, and P3. A downward force, F, is applied to piston P1 as shown. All pistons are at the same level, as drawn. a) (4 points) Directly beneath the pistons, where is the pressure in the fluid the greatest? i) under P1 ii) under P2 iii) under P3 iv) all the pressures are the same b) (4 points) Which piston experiences the greatest upwards force?
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2008s_3 - Physics 2101, Fourth Exam, Spring 2008 Name...

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