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formulasheet3-coversheet - PHYSICS-2101 Spring Semester...

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PHYSICS-2101 Spring Semester 2011 Instructor and section (circle yours) Examination 3 15 March 2011 Chastain (1) Chastain (6) Rupnik (3) Rupnik (4) Rupnik (5) Giammanco (2) Jin (7) Plummer (9) Name (print) LSU ID Signature TURN OFF AND PUT AWAY ALL CELL PHONES, PAGERS, iPods, OR ANY OTHER COMMUNICATIONS, AUDIO, OR VIDEO DEVICES Have your LSU ID ready when you turn in your paper. You may not use cell phone or smart phone application as your calculator. You may use an ordinary scientific or even graphing type calculator, as long as it is not of the full keyboard sort. Examine your paper to be sure it is complete and legible. There should be 3 problems and 3 questions, totaling 100 points. Examine your formula sheet as well. It should include 2 pages, stapled to the back of this test paper. For the multiple choice questions, clearly indicate your selected answer for each of the part(s) of the question, circle the correct answers! There is a room on the paper for scratch work or calculations, but that work will not be checked or garded. There is no partial credit awarded for multiple choice questions. For the problems, show your work in the space provided. Even a correct answer, without supporting work, will receive little or no credit. Partial credit may be awarded for problems if warranted. Be sure that numerical answers appear with appropriate SI units . Points will be deduced for missing, incorrect, or silly units.
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