Act.01.21 - , January 21 The figure shows two point charges...

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Physics 2102, January 21, Activity 1 (i) In the drawing |Q 2 | = |Q 3 | = Q and |Q 1 | = 2Q Indicate the force on Q 1 from Q 2 only (ignore Q 3 ) Indicate the force on Q 1 from Q 3 only (ignore Q 2 ) Sketch the total force on Q 1 from both charges (ii) Rank the arrangements according to the magnitude of the total electrostatic force on the electron , due to the protons, greatest first. Activity 2
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Unformatted text preview: , January 21 The figure shows two point charges fixed in place. The charges are q 1 = +2q, and q 2 = -8q. At what point on the x-axis can an electron be placed so that it is in equilibrium? (First you have to remember what equilibrium means – then try out different positions and see). (a) To the left of q 1 (b) In between q 1 and q 2 (c) To the right of q 2...
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