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lecture22 - Physics 2102 Gabriela González Exam...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2102 Gabriela González Exam review Q1: 75.7 P1: 61.6 Q2: 67.2 Q3: 79.2 P2: 58.2 P3:52.2 •  •  •  •  Inductance definiHon: L=NΦΒ/I Solenoid inductance: L=µ0n2Al Induced emf (voltage) across an inductor is E=-L di/dt In an RL circuit, we can “charge” the inductor with a baVery unHl there is a constant current, or “discharge” the inductor through the resistor. Time constant is L/R. •  An inductor stores magneHc potenHal energy: UB=Li2/2 •  Energy density stored in a magneHc field is uB=B2/2µ0 •  An LC combinaHon produces an electrical oscillator, the natural frequency of oscillator is ω=1/√LC •  Total energy in circuit is conserved: switches between energy stored in capacitor (electric energy) and in inductor (magneHc energy). •  If a resistor is included in the circuit, the total energy decays (is dissipated by R). i(t) ...
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