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homework7 - W is not equal to P d V 34 Model the rubber...

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Physics 4125 Homework Assignment Number 7 Due at the beginning of class Tuesday March 6 th 2007 Chapter 3: problems 24, 25, 27 – 29, 32 – 34, 36, 37 Hints : 28: Show that it is OK to take an ideal gas form for the equation of state by comparing to the Virial expansion (pg 9) under the conditions of the problem. 32: Notice that for the non-equilibrium conditions of the problem d
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Unformatted text preview: W is not equal to P d V . 34: Model the rubber band as a two level system where each segment can be pointing either left or right. 37: In part (a) consider that the total energy of a particle is p 2 2m mgz then follow the development of an ideal gas where now p 2 is constrained such that p 2 U Nmgz 2m ....
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