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LAB REPORT GRADING RUBRIC ENGR 201/202 1 Title Page The Title Page should identify the course name, the title of the project or lab, the date it was done, and the names of the group members. Your lab section number should be present to allow the TAs to separate the reports for grading. There is no strict format for this page, so you can add a graphic or feature that makes your cover unique. Abstract This should be the first thing in your report after the Title Page and before the Table of Contents. Sometimes numbered page "i". The abstract is very important since it may be the only thing read by certain persons who come in contact with your report or paper. It should be short (100200 words) and selfcontained with no references, undefined symbols, figures, tables or graphics. It should inform the reader of what you did, why you did it, how you did it, and what the significant results or conclusions were. This must include you most significant quantitative results. Table of Contents (and page numbers) Should be the second thing in report. Sometimes numbered "ii". If a Table of Contents is included then page numbers must be given for all sections of the report. If your report is very long, containing many tables and figures, it may be wise to include a separate List of Figures and a List of Tables. These are like the Table of Contents but display the figure or table number, caption and the page number. Clearly if you do this you need figure and table numbers and captions. This is required even without such lists. These usually follow the Table of Contents, and are numbered "iii", and "iv”. Introduction May be short or long depending on topic. Usually used to present an expanded version of the abstract devoted to the what and the why of what you did. Sometimes reviews the how of what you did if this is unusual or significantly different from what others have done. If the subject of your study has a history then it is appropriate to present a survey of the literature on the field (with references) to place your work and contribution in perspective for the reader. Lastly, the introduction may be used to orient the reader to what is to follow in the rest of the report if its organization is unusual. Some pictures/graphics are very useful here.
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Generic_LabReportComponents - labs

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