essay 3 - N ATALIE NHUNG PHAM GGU, Spring 2010 Third essay...

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NATALIE NHUNG PHAM GGU, Spring 2010 Third essay ENGL 10B Belonging to a traditional Vietnamese family, I was guided early in life to be responsible for my education. Goals were set, expectations were made known, and routines were established in order to help me improve my every nuance. To me, elements such as methodical studying, quantity and quality, workable study habits, as well as tutoring when necessary, all play a very important role in promoting my educational process when I was in my early childhood. Gradually, on becoming an adult, I always follow my belief “To live is to contribute”, so I consider volunteer work as the way to warm up your hearth and make a better community, especially as a young generation ought to help. First of all, I definitely hold great value in the importance of methodical studying. It is said, “Nothing can be gained without workable methods.” This quote’s implications apply without doubt to this situation. For my part, I divide this section into two parts: studying with a group and studying alone. I have had good results with both forms of studying. Five months ago I studied in a group about the marketing term paper. We wanted to motivate and help each other in order for each member to get the highest possible score and also we learned lots from each other. But I learned that it is not practical to expect unreasonably good results just because we are studying in a group. But rather, one will master the material sufficiently over a period of time, gradually, not
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essay 3 - N ATALIE NHUNG PHAM GGU, Spring 2010 Third essay...

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