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BADM 310 Practice Questions #2 Page 1 of 10 BA310 Practice Questions for Part 2 These questions are meant to be similar to those you are likely to see on the exam. There will be some Cango questions on the regular exam while there are none here. Also, please use the study guide as the best guide to potential question topics, rather than the questions that appear here. ANSWER KEY AT END Questions: 1. Maxine works at your growing digital media company. Her job is to write direct mail letters to current and potential customers regarding new music offerings. Recently, she mentioned that while writing the letters used to be challenging , now it is boring and repetitive because she mostly just copies and pastes existing paragraphs together. She also said she wonders whether the letters are effective , or even whether customers actually read them. In terms of the Job Characteristics Model, Maxine’s comments directly suggest that skill variety and feedback are currently BOTH detriments to her motivation: a. True b. False 2. You have just received a patent for a hydrogen-powered engine. Preliminary research has indicated there are four fairly similar car companies interested in your product, which all operate in the Midwest. At present, you plan only one model for your hydrogen-powered engine. Your plan is to specialize in this particular engine model as you work to gain market share. You’re also expecting to expand internationally later on. The international market is quite different from the U.S., but you believe cars powered by your engine could sell well in large urban areas across Europe and Asia. At present, it would make most sense to organize by _________ but later on, it might be better to organize by _________. a. Division; Customer group b. Function; Geographic Region c. Customer Group; Geographic Region d. Division; Geographic Region 1
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BADM 310 Practice Questions #2 Page 2 of 10 3. A structure that is characterized by separate, semiautonomous units is a _________ structure. a. divisional b. functional c. mechanistic d. departmentalized 4. Which of the following is cited as a disadvantage of a functional organizational structure? a. Is unable to achieve economies of scale b. Communications tend to move within “silos” c. Does not allow for high specialization d. Tends to duplicate resources 5. What type of departmentalization is used in the organizational chart below? a. Product departmentalization b. Customer departmentalization c. Functional departmentalization d. Geographical departmentalization 6. Which of the following is an advantage of a divisional structure? a. It prevents duplication of resources . b. Divisions enable focus on characteristics of specific markets. c.
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Practice Questions 2 - BADM 310 Practice Questions #2 Page...

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