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Chapter 2 quiz - CD1025 Hearing Science Name: Allison...

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Unformatted text preview: CD1025 Hearing Science Name: Allison Wenger Pop Quiz 2 Unit: Acoustics 1. Sound propagates well in many substances, whether solid, liquid, or gas, although the propagation of sound may differ among them. On the other hand, outer space is not user-friendly for sound communication because there is no medium * through which the disturbance called sound can propagate. {*No, the answer is not air.} 2. The phase of a cycle of a sound waves wherein the density of the molecules gets all bunched up is known as condensation * or the crest ** of the wave. {*Looking for words other than compression and peak.} 3. Wave propagation wherein the particles vibrate in the same direction as the direction of the motion of the wave front is known as longitudinal propagation. 4. Standing across the street from a friend, I must raise my voice to be understood. This condition roughly approximates a sound field (call the free far field) in which my mouth emits free progressive...
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