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CD1025 Hearing Science Unit: AUDITORY NEUROPHYSIOLOGY Pop Quiz 6 Name: ANSWERS Fill in the appropriate word or phrase . 1. The TWO parts of the neuron responsible for receiving and (subsequently) transmitting “signals” in the excitatory process are the _____ DENDRITES ___________ and _______ AXONS __________, respectively. {Note: this question is about synapses; rather it is about major neuron body parts—get them in the right order!} 2. The electrically insulating stuff that helps to speed up conduction in nerve fibers (due to the effect called saltatory conduction) is ___ MYELIN _________. 3. If an action potential is excited in a neuron’s certain body part (from Q1), some time must pass before it is ready to fire again. This is called the ______ REFRACTORY __________ period. 4. The ___ PERIOD ___ histogram demonstrates the synchronization of spike potentials of auditory neurons cycle-by- cycle to a tonal stimulus. 5.
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