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book prac exercises - Examples from the Book Chapter 5 1(i...

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Examples from the Book: Chapter 5 1. (i) Say carefully the following pairs of words. a. strategy strategic morpheme morphemic photograph photographic democrat democratic b. detain detainee absent absentee pay payee employ employee (ii) Place the stress mark ‘ before the syllable that receives main stress in each word. Consult a dictionary if you are unsure. (iii) Are –ic and/or –ee neutral or non-neutral suffixes? 2. (i) Transcribe phonetically the adjectives wide, long and broad . (ii) Transcribe phonetically the nouns width, length and breadth which are derived from the above adjectives by suffixing –th (iii) Transcribe phonetically the adverbs widely and broadly which are derived by adding the suffix –ly to the corresponding adjectives. (iv) Determine whether –th and –ly are neutral or non-neutral suffixes. 3. (i) The suffix –(i)an is on Stratum 1 because it is phonologically non- neutral. In what senses is it non-neutral? Use the data in column [5.5a] and column [5.5b] as your evidence (ii) Is –ism a neutral or non-neutral suffix? (iii) What prediction does the theory of level-ordered morphology make about the ordering of these suffixes if they co-occur in a word? 4. For each of the affixes in the following explain why is it a Stratum 1 affix. Suffix Attach to Output -ion N [[erode] – ion N ] [erosion] N -ive Adj [[compete(t) V ] – ive Adj ] [competitive] Adj -al Adj [[Pope N ] – al Adj ] [papal] Adj 5. In the next few paragraphs we are going to study in some detail the modifications in the base caused by the Stratum 1 derivational suffix –ity . The discussion draws on Aronoff (1976).
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book prac exercises - Examples from the Book Chapter 5 1(i...

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