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3110_Assignment_1 - a Do you think Rachel spent her day...

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Project Management By: Vish Hegde Assignment 1 INSTRUCTIONS Answer should be typed with 12 Arial font Your answer must not exceed 1 page. At the top of the page write the following o Assignment # o Name: Last Name, First MI Answer all the questions. o Be specific, concrete and factual. o Present the facts/arguments as bullet points/tables o Please No BS! QUESTIONS: 1. This question is on the case study “ A Day in the Life (end of the chapter 1)”
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Unformatted text preview: a. Do you think Rachel spent her day effectively (NOTE: Yes or No answer). b. List top two reasons for your conclusion (NOTE: one line per reasons. No long stories please!!). 2. This question is on the case study “ Moss and McAdams Accounting Firm (end of the chapter 3)” a. If you were in Palmer’s position, what you would have done to avoid losing Olds? b. Why do you think your suggestion would have changed the situation?...
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