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3110_Assignment_4 - calculations a The average duration for...

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Project Management By: Dr. Vish Hegde Assignment #4 INSTRUCTIONS Answer should be typed with 12 Arial font Your answer must not exceed 1 page. At the top of the page write the following o Name: Last Name, First MI o Assignment # Answer all the questions. o Be specific, concrete and factual. o Present the facts/arguments as bullet points/tables o Please No BS! QUESTIONS: 1. Answer the following questions on Case Study “ International Capital, Inc (Chapter 7) ”. NOTE: Just answer the questions, no need to show the network and other
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Unformatted text preview: calculations. a. The average duration for a sourcing capital project is 70 days. IC partners have agreed it is a good business to set up projects with 95% chance of attaining the plan. Is the current plan achieves that? Why? b. What would be the average have to be to ensure a 95% chance of completing the project in 70 workdays? 2. Answer the following on Exercise 2 (Chapter 7). a. What is the probability of completing the project by day 112?...
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