Chapter1 Introduction to Law

Chapter1 Introduction to Law - Chp 1 Int ro to...

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Unformatted text preview: Chp 1 - Int ro to Law-questions Page history last edited by abogado 8 mos ago Law 10 - Intro to Law - Chp. 1 - Intro to Law Questions - Due 2/25/09 A1. John is a judge. The function of John and other judges is to a. decide cases on the basis of their opinions about the issues. b. decide cases on the basis of their personal philosophical views. c. interpret and apply the laws. d. make the laws. A2. Under Ohio’s state constitution, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency issues a new rule, the Polk County Commission approves a new property tax measure, and the professors and students at Ohio Law School publish the results of their most recent legal research. Sources of law do not include a. the measures approved by local governing bodies. b. the results of legal scholars’ research. c. the rules issued by state administrative agencies. d. the states’ constitutions. A3. Hawaii enacts a state law that violates the U.S. Constitution. This law can be enforced by a. no one. b. the federal government only. c. the state of Hawaii only. d. the United States Supreme Court only. A4. The Federal Trade Commission is a government agency that issues rules, orders, and decisions. The Georgia state legislature enacts statutes. The Jackson County Board and the Peach City Council enacts ordinances. Administrative law includes a. all law that affects a business’s operation. b. the rules, orders, and decisions of the Federal Trade Commission....
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Chapter1 Introduction to Law - Chp 1 Int ro to...

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