Chapter6 Intentional Torts

Chapter6 Intentional Torts - 1. Bob pushes Carol. Carol...

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a. if Bob intended to push Carol. b. only if Bob did not intend to break Carol’s arm. c. only if Bob had a bad motive for pushing Carol. d. only if Bob intended to break Carol’s arm. 2. At Scrumptious Cafe, Tyler believes that he was overcharged and shoves Uma, a waiter. Uma sues Tyler, alleging that the shove was a battery. Tyler is liable if a. Scrumptious did not overcharge Tyler. b. the shove was offensive. c. Tyler acted out of malice. d. Uma did not wait on Tyler. 3. Glen falsely accuses Hu of stealing from Island Tours, Inc., their employer. Glen’s statement is defamatory only if a. a third party hears it. b. Hu has not been caught. c. the statement is puffery. d. the statement is true. 4. Great Tans, Inc., uses, in its radio ads, a recording by Holly, who owns the rights, without paying for the use. Over time, the song comes to be associated with Great Tans. In Holly’s suit against Great Tans, the firm is most likely liable for a. appropriation. b. conversion. c. wrongful interference with a customary relationship. d. none of the choices. 5. Jim is an appliance salesperson. To make a sale, he asserts that a certain model of a Kitchen Helper refrigerator is the “best one ever made.” This is a. fraud if the statement is the truth. b. fraud if Jim believes that this statement is not true.
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Chapter6 Intentional Torts - 1. Bob pushes Carol. Carol...

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