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Chapter10 Nature & Terminology NEW

Chapter10 Nature & Terminology NEW -...

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1. Cathy assures Don that she will deliver his products as he directs. An assurance that one will do something in the future is part of the definition of a. a declaration. b. a moral obligation. c. an ethical principle. d. a promise. 2. Dalton contracts to tutor Ellen in the principles of business law. For the breach of a contractual promise, contract law entitles innocent parties to a. any relief that a court wants to provide. b. any relief that a defendant wants to concede. c. any relief that a plaintiff wants to seek. d. some forms of relief. 3. Stu makes an offer to Tina to enter into a contract. Tina accepts the offer. A valid contract requires a. a valid offer only. b. a valid acceptance only. c. a valid offer and a valid acceptance. d. neither a valid offer nor a valid acceptance. 4. Paco offers to pay Quik Delivery (QD) $50 if it picks up and delivers to
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him a package from Rich within 30 minutes. QD can accept the offer only by meeting the deadline. If QD performs as directed, these parties will have a. a bilateral contract. b. a trilateral contract. c. a unilateral contract. d. no contract. 5. Allen applies for a police officer’s job with Bay City, which responds with a letter setting an appointment for a psychological exam. The letter does not state that it is “a conditional employment offer.” Based on the court’s reasoning in Ardito v. City of Providence , this letter is a. a bilateral contract that Allen accepted by applying for the job.
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Chapter10 Nature & Terminology NEW -...

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