Chapter13 Capacity - 1. Don enters into a contract with...

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1. Don enters into a contract with Edie, who does not have contractual capacity. The law will permit Don to enforce the contract only if Edie a. elects not to avoid the contract. b. is a minor. c. is a minor, intoxicated, or mentally incompetent. d. is intoxicated or mentally incompetent. 2. Yvon and Zack are minors who marry each other. Their minority status may be terminated under the laws of a. all states. b. most states. c. some states. d. no states. 3. Ken relinquishes the right to his son Lee’s control, care, custody, and earnings. This act is a. a disaffirmance. b. an emancipation. c. a ratification. d. restitution. Drink, his parents’ restaurant. The contract is a. valid but may be disaffirmed. b. valid but may not be disaffirmed. c. void as a matter of law. 5. Olga, a minor, signs a contract to buy a computer from Phil, the owner of Quality Computer Store. Olga’s right to disaffirm the contract a. does not change the fact that Phil is bound by the contract. b. does not yet exist because Olga is still a minor.
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c. gives Phil, an adult, the right to disaffirm the contract. d. is not valid because a computer is a “necessary.” 6. Cray returns a digital music player that he bought from Discount City, which refunds the price. Their exchange involves a. an emancipation. b. a ratification.
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Chapter13 Capacity - 1. Don enters into a contract with...

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