Chapter43 Administrative Law

Chapter43 Administrative Law - Chp 43 Administrative Law...

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Chp 43 Administrative Law Page history last edited by abogado 5 mos ago MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1. With respect to the objectives of Congress, the principal role of the Small Business Administration and other federal administrative agencies is to a. act independently of those goals. b. create new goals. c. eliminate those goals. d. implement the goals. 2. National Ladder Company is subject to regulations issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Like other federal administrative agencies, the OSHA was created by a. Congress, through enabling legislation. b. the Federal Trade Commission, through the rulemaking process. c. the president, through an executive order. d. the U.S. Department of Labor, through a final order. 3. Pure Water Company is subject to a decision by the Environmental Protection Agency. Pure Water appeals the decision, arguing that it is arbitrary and capricious. This could mean that the decision a. changed the agency’s prior policy without justification. b. followed a consideration of all relevant factors. c. was accompanied by a rational explanation. d. was plainly warranted by the evidence. 4. Independent regulatory agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission are a. not part of the government’s executive branch. b. outside the major departments of the government’s executive branch. c. subagencies of executive agencies.
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d. subject to more executive authority than executive agencies. 5. The Securities and Exchange Commission decides to create a new rule relating to the dissemination of material nonpublic information through corporate Web sites. The first step is a. compile the rule with others in the Code of Federal Regulations. b. conduct an on-site inspection.
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Chapter43 Administrative Law - Chp 43 Administrative Law...

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