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Astro*001*81133 Student Name: _____________________________ Wed:7:00 -> 10:00PM Faculty: Philip de Louraille Homework 3 (with parts of 2) Covering Chapter 3 (and 2) of the book You can also download this homework via the Angel system at http://wvmccd.angellearning.com/frames.aspx Our class is ASTRO*001*81133 I have created a folder called Homework Repository. Your Flash based homework is only available via the Angel system. Look in the folder called Flash Homeworks Once you have submitted your online homework, review the question(s) you marked incorrectly (if any) and keep this for later quizzes and ±nal review. There are 27 questions on 5 pages. 1) Which of the following statements about the celestial sphere is not true? = The "celestial sphere" is just another name for our Universe. = From any location on Earth, we can see only half the celestial sphere at any one time. = The celestial sphere does not exist physically. = The earth is placed at the center of the celestial sphere. = When we look in the sky, the stars all appear to be located on the celestial sphere. 2) Whose data Johannes Kepler used to analyze the orbit of Mars? = Newton ʼ s = Galileo ʼ s = Brahe ʼ s = Copernicus ʼ 3) Who wrote this? A planet orbits the Sun in an ellipse with the Sun located at one of the focii. = Brahe = Galileo = Newton = Kepler 4) Kepler believed in the heliocentric model = False = True = He did, then changed his mind. Page 1 of 5
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5) What is the second Planetary Motion law? = A planet orbits the Sun in an ellipse with the Sun located at one focus.
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2009-Fall-Homework_03 - Astro*001*81133 Wed:7:00-> 10:00PM...

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