2009-Fall-Homework_08 - Astro*001*81133! ! ! Wed:7:00 ->...

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Student Name: _____________________________ Wed:7:00 -> 10:00PM Faculty: Philip de Louraille Homework 8 Covering Chapter 8 of the book Do this homework by October 21 and read chapter 8. You can also download this homework via the Angel system at http://wvmccd.angellearning.com/frames.aspx Our class is ASTRO*001*81133 I have created a folder called Homework Repository. Your Flash based homework is only available via the Angel system. Look in the folder called Flash Homeworks Once you have submitted your online homework, review the question(s) you marked incorrectly (if any) and keep this for later quizzes and ±nal review. There are 22 questions on 4 pages. 1) What is unique about Triton, a moon of Neptune? = It did not form in place. = Its orbit is retrograde. = All of these choices. = Its geology was quite active in the past. = None of these choices. 2) Saturn's best known feature is = its rings. = its big Red Spot. = its high magnetic ±eld. = its unique blue color. 3) To be a star, how much more mass would Jupiter have needed? = More than 50 times but less than 90 times its current mass. = Irrelevant question: a planet is a planet and a star is a star. This is not mass- dependent. = About 50 times its current mass.
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2009-Fall-Homework_08 - Astro*001*81133! ! ! Wed:7:00 ->...

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