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Astro*001*81133 Student Name: _____________________________ Wed:7:00 -> 10:00PM Faculty: Philip de Louraille Homework 14 Covering Chapter 14 of the book Do this homework by December 2 and read chapter 14. This material will be on the Final! You can also download this homework via the Angel system at http://wvmccd.angellearning.com/frames.aspx Our class is ASTRO*001*81133 I have created a folder called Homework Repository. Your Flash based homework is only available via the Angel system. Look in the folder called Online Flash-based Homeworks Once you have submitted your online homework, review the question(s) you marked incorrectly (if any) and keep this for later quizzes and ±nal review. There are 25 questions on 4 pages. 1) Compared to globular clusters, open star clusters tend to be = poorer in metals and older. = poorer in metals and younger. = richer in metals and younger. = richer in metals and older. 2) All the iron on Earth originated from = white dwarfs. = the bombardment of comets in the late stages of planet formation. = nuclear fusion within the cores of low-mass stars. = nuclear fusion within the cores of high-mass stars. = the Big Bang, when the Universe ±rst began. 3) What stars formed ±rst in our galaxy? = Stars in the halo. = Stars in the bulge. = Stars in the disk. 4) How do the spiral arms of a galaxy help trigger star formation?
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2009-Fall-Homework_14 - Astro*001*81133! ! ! Wed:7:00 ->...

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