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com155 paragraph one - did feel that some of the...

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When comparing paragraph one and four, paragraph four was more effective. Paragraph four is more effective because it had variety and rhythm. In paragraph one the sentence was very choppy and unclear. Paragraph one was also lacking some important details. In paragraph four the writer could have made the sentences a little shorter. Paragraph four had a lot more information than paragraph one had. The writer explained everything in great details of how important good credit is and how your credit score is broken down. In paragraph one the writer tried to explain why you need a will, but it didn’t have enough details. The writer didn’t stay on topic he/she jumped all over the place. I found the feedback from the WritePoint to be very useful in helping me recognize basic grammar and punctuation errors. It showed me common word usage problems that I had in my writing. I also found the tip of avoiding first person useful. The Write Point program stated that you can only use first person unless you are writing about a personal experience. I agree with most of the suggestion, but
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Unformatted text preview: did feel that some of the suggestions were not needed such as how a word has so many meanings. I was very impressed with the suggestions that Write Point offered me to make my writing more interesting. I look forward to using WritePoint in the future. I am very confident my strategy for using WritePoint in the future will help aid me in my writing so that my ideas will not be misunderstood, my writing will look and sound professional, and my writing will be interesting to the reader . Using Write Point will improve my grammar and punctuation skills. It will help me make my writing to be understood by the person that reads my paper. WritePoint will be used in the future as a second eye to review over my paper to see if I need to change anything of if there was sentences that were unclear. WritePoint will help me to improve my writing skills 100%. What are some other ways that you can use the Write Point program for that will you in the future?...
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