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MEEG 332 Homework 2 (2011) Due 11 a.m. Tuesday 1 March 1. A potential source of strength m = 3 is located at the point (-1,0) in the ( x, y ) plane. There is also a sink (of strength m = -2) at the point(1,0) and a uniform stream of speed U = 1 in the positive x -direction. Find the location(s) of all stagnation points. 2. A long hut has a semi-circular cross section as shown. Assume that the pressure distribution over the semi-circle is the same as that for the potential ±ow of a uniform stream over a circular obstacle. oo p oo p oo V R Θ The wind speed is V , the constant air density is ρ , and the pressure far away from the hut is p
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Unformatted text preview: ∞ . Assume that the pressure within the hut is also p ∞ . The wind causes a net lift force on the hut because the average pressure just outside the hut is less than p ∞ . Find an expression for the net lift force (per unit length of hut) in terms of the given quantities. 3. White (7th Ed.) Problem 8.23. (Hint: Add velocities vectorially.) 4. White (7th Ed.) Problem 8.24. 5. White (7th Ed.) Problem 8.25. The referenced equation should be 8.16 and the ²gure should be P8.25. 6. White (7th Ed.) Problem 8.27. (Hint: The stream function has the same value at points A and B.)...
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