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MEEG 332 Homework 3 (2011) Due 11 a.m. Tuesday 8 March 1. A steady two-dimensional fow has the velocity potential φ ( x, y ) = x 2 - 2 x - y 2 . (a) Find the x and y velocity components as ±unctions o± x and y . (b) Find a stream±unction ±or this fow in terms o± x and y . (c) Draw the streamline pattern in the ( x, y ) plane. Use arrows to indicate the direction o± fow on the streamlines. (d) Where are the stagnation point(s) ±or this fow? (e) What is the vorticity o± this fow? 2. Consider uni±orm potential fow past a circular cylinder without circula-
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Unformatted text preview: tion. The pressure and velocity, ar away rom the object, are p and V respectively. Where, on the surace o the cylinder [i.e. at what value(s) o ], is the pres-sure equal to p ? 3. White (7th Ed.) Problem 8.64. 4. White (7th Ed.) Problem 8.68. 5. White (7th Ed.) Problem 8.73. Hints (a) There are 3 images or a total o 4 sources. (b) Ater solving or v on y-axis, graph the solution to nd the y-value where v is a maximum. 6. White (7th Ed.) Problem 8.110....
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