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Hw 4 - horizontal at an angle α as shown ±ind an...

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MEEG 332 Homework 4 (2011) Due 11 a.m. Tuesday 15 March 1. A cup anemometer is a device for measuring wind speed. A schematic diagram is shown below (top view): V oo L L L L ω c D 1 c D 2 (a) We wish to find the relation between the wind speed V and the rotation rate ω . For simplicity, we will only consider two of the cups, with drag coefficients c D 1 and c D 2 as shown. We will also only consider the orientation shown where the rod connecting the two cups is perpendicular to the wind direction. Neglect friction. The length of each arm is L and the cup face area is A . Assume sea-level air. Find an expression for ω . (b) White (Table 7.3) gives c D 1 = 1.4 and c D 2 = 0.4. If the wind speed is 10 m/sec, L is 0.5 m, and A = 0.01 m 2 , what is ω in rad/sec ? 2. (a) A bicyclist is coasting down a straight road that is inclined to the
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Unformatted text preview: horizontal at an angle α as shown. ±ind an expression for the maximum coasting speed (no pedaling, no braking, assume no friction). The total mass (of the cyclist and the bike) is m , the drag coe²cient is c D and the e³ective frontal area is A . Assume sea-level air. α (b) ±or an upright bike, White (Table 7.3) gives c D A = 0.51. ±or m = 80 kg and α = 5 degrees, Fnd the maximum coasting speed in m/sec and also in mi/hr. (c) For a racer on a road bike, White gives c D A = 0.30. Repeat the calcula-tion of part (b) for the racer. 3. White (7th Ed.) Problem 7.56. 4. White (7th Ed.) Problem 7.80. 5. White (7th Ed.) Problem 7.88. 6. White (7th Ed.) Problem 7.14....
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