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Hw 5 - ances the drag force the particles are spheres and...

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MEEG 332 Homework 5 (2011) Due 11 a.m. Tuesday 22 March Note that numerical answers to most even-numbered problems are given in White on p. 840 ff. 1. White (7th Ed.) Problem 7.16. 2. White (7th Ed.) Problem 7.60. 3. White (7th Ed.) Problem 7.66. 4. White (7th Ed.) Problem 7.72. You can assume that the net weight bal-
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Unformatted text preview: ances the drag force, the particles are spheres, and iterate as necessary using Fig. 7.16. Require accuracy only to within a factor of 2. 5. White (7th Ed.) Problem 7.80. (Hint: From Fig. 7.16, c D ≈ 0.50.) 6. White (7th Ed.) Problem 7.115....
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