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The table below outlines the differences between Blogs and Discussion Boards (DB) in this course. Please read and adhere to the information in this course. Blog Discussion Board Purpose To initiate thinking on a topic and to solicit personal thinking To broaden the group’s knowledge on a topic, generate discussion and come to a consensus. Intent Personal opinion, reflection – no right or wrong answers. No documentation necessary. Academic Discussion based- Documentation based – support for posting with academic support from
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Unformatted text preview: text, course or reputable source. Group input, decision-making and collaboration. Responses Other postings should be read, but comments on other postings are not required. All postings should be read and at least 2 replies are required. Replies are necessary to have a discussion. Personal Connections Deeper look into personal thinking. A broader look at a large groups thoughts in a group context. Tools Blog Discussion Board Authoring of New Topics Not allowed Encouraged...
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