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“Free” Needle Exchange Program Blog After reading the article below and the information on The Economics Way of Thinking, using economic thinking post a response to the question, “Are free needle exchange programs really free?” Make sure you consider what costs are borne by various individuals and groups in these “free” programs. “Free” needle exchange programs happen in several states in the US and across the border is Canada. These programs are for drug users, especially the homeless. Generally it is believed that the sharing of dirty needles has increased the incidence of the HIV virus among drug users. Here is the story of Vancover, Canada. Vancover’s “free” needle exchange program, the first in North America opened in 1989 and currently distributes about 3 million “free” needles per year to drug addicts. The opening of North America 's first safe injection site , Insite , in this neighborhood has lowered the spread of HIV and has reduced the other harmful consequences of IV drug
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