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Introductory Checklist

Introductory Checklist - Read Hints for Success in AP...

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Introductory Unit Check Out the information below Notify me that you are online and the ready to begin the course by sending me a message Also, include in your message your grade and where and when you are planning on working on the course. (i.e. 12 th grade, at school during 3 rd period at 10:00) CHECKLIST OF ASSIGNMENTS: 1 week Week 1: “WHY ECONOMICS?” ___ 1. Netiquette Guidelines and Quiz (10 points) ___ 2. Scavenger Hunt -Message me your answers (20 points) ___ 3. Read the Handy Dandy Guide
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Unformatted text preview: Read Hints for Success in AP Macroeconomics Read How to read the McConnell textbook ___ 4. Read Blogs vs. Discussion Boards then complete the Blog: Why Study Economics? (10 points) ___ 5.Discussion Board: Is the Tassel Worth the Hassel? (25 points) ___ 6. Notify me about getting your textbook and workbook (both are necessary for this course!! (25 points) ___ 7. Journal Activity: (10 points) Total Points for Introductory Unit: 100 points...
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