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Running head: CHECKPOINT: ETHICAL DECISION REFLECTION 1 Checkpoint: Ethical Decision Reflection Trish Boulley HSM/230 April 13, 2011 Carol Parker
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CHECKPOINT: ETHICAL DECISION REFLECTION 2 Checkpoint: Ethical Decision Reflection Living in Northern Wisconsin it gets very cold here in the winter, so when this transpired in our neighborhood I could not just turn my head. A new family had moved into one of the rental homes in our short dead end block of six houses, we all know each other well and we know what is going on in the neighborhood. This new family happened to have a small black Pomeranian dog; it was very cute and seemed so sweet. I started to get concerned when it was Halloween and the dog was still spending all day and night tied to a chain in the yard, as it had already "snowed on the pumpkin" so it is said, and it was getting down there in temps at night. I talked to the other neighbors and told to leave it alone; it was their business and their dog. Well, now it is about the middle of November and this poor dog is still sitting out there
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HSM230CheckpointEthicalDecisionReflection - Running head:...

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