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Brief_Notes_Pope_and_Neoclassics - 1 Brief Notes concerning...

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Brief Notes concerning Alexander Pope Keywords: Wit - the human faculty of intelligence, inventiveness, and mental acuity; ingenuity in literary invention, to develop brilliant, yet paradoxical figures of speech; regarded as the apt rephrasing of truths whose enduring validity is attested by the fact that they are commonplaces. Deism - religion without revelation; relied on those truths which prove their accord with universal human reason by the fact that they are to be found in all religions, everywhere, at all times. Mock epic - imitates elaborate form and ceremonious style of traditional epic, but applies to it a commonplace or trivial subject matter. Epistle: a letter; verse epistle is poem in the form of a letter to a patron in conversational style. Theme is usually some moral, philosophical, or literary subject; often became formalized and didactic. Didactic literature: literature intended to give instruction or expound on a branch of theoretical or practical knowledge.
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