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Everyman Terms: Allegory- narrative fiction in which the literal characters represent abstract concepts and the plot exemplifies a doctrine or thesis. Morality play- dramatized allegories of the representative Christian life in the plot form of a quest for salvation, in which the crucial events are temptations, sinning, and the climatic confrontation with death. Renaissance Terms and Notes (1485-1660) Terms: Renaissance Humanism- Christians who emphasize values achievable by human beings in this world, and to minimize earlier Christian emphasis on innate corruption. Emphasize human beings as being central to universe; focus on classics’ moral and practical-not aesthetic values; value human reason over intuition. Modern Humanism- bases truth on human experience and bases values on human nature and culture, as distinct from people who regard religious revelation as the guarantor of all truth and values. Didactic literature- works of literature which are designed to give instruction or expound a branch of theoretical or practical knowledge or to clarify in imaginative form, a moral, religious, or philosophical doctrine or theme. Great Chain of Being-the Renaissance idea of self-fashioning. We as humans, regardless of class, status or gender has the ability and the free will to form/shape ourselves. Each person’s decision affects society as a whole. The chain is organized from highest to lowest, but each individual can move up and down the chain throughout life. Divinity (pure contemplator of theology) Heavenly Being (study of philosophy and reason) Beasts (Controlled by senses and emotions-instincts and innate ability) Plants (Inactive and controlled by raw appetites-laziness and mere existence) Notes: Renaissance (re-birth): birth of modern world out of the ashes of the Dark Ages;
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Renaissance_notes-E._201 - Everyman Terms: Allegory-...

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