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Restoration Notes Restoration 1660-1785:”May the Last King be Strangled in the Bowels of the Last Priest” ( Justin Champion, 2002) What does power look like without a king? What does sex look like without law? Main Issues: -Pursues secular arguments for government, science, and the individual remains deeply invested in a religious (higher) experience. -Enlightenment model of individualism and notion of an “age of reason” which repudiated belief. -Crisis points for faith/reason binary and ideology of the self-made individual. *A trust in human reason as adequate to solve the crucial problems and to establish essential norms in life; the belief that the application of reason was rapidly dissipating the darkness of superstition, prejudice, and barbarity; freed humanity from its earlier reliance on mere authority and unexamined tradition. Charles II restored to throne and reestablished the English church and monarchy that was dismantled before; he reopened theaters and dissolved Parliament. Different models of reason:
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Restoration_Notes - Restoration Notes Restoration...

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