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Restoration_Notes_II - Restoration Notes II Autobiography...

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Restoration Notes II Autobiography: biography written by the subject about him/her self. The emphasis is not on the author’s developing self, but on the people and the events that the author has known or witnessed. Spiritual autobiography: author’s anguished mental crisis and a recovering in which he discovers his Christian identity and religious vocation. Travel narrative: records people, events, and personal feelings of a foreign land. However, it differs from a journal in that it must tell a story. Travel literature began as a means for writers (critics) to explore other cultures and primitivism. Cultural primitivism: the natural over art and artificial in any area of human culture and values. Innate instincts and passions over the dictates of reason and forethought. -Noble savage (coined by Jacques Rousseau)- conceived to be “naturally” intelligent, moral, and possessed of high dignity in thought and deed. (i.e. Africans, Native Americans, etc.); esteemed works written by peasants or uneducated.
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